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My City Guide Digital Real Estate Advantage


My City Guide Digital Real Estate Advantage

MY CITY GUIDE DIGITAL REAL ESTATE brings brands the ability to get closer to their dynamic, empowered and hyper-local customers by creating more intelligent interactions across all channels and networks worldwide that exceed customer expectations every time, inspire longer term, organic brand advocacy, and drastically increase profitability by reducing C.A.C. (customer acquisition costs) and increasing L.C.V. (lifetime customer value) over time.

Today’s customers move seamlessly in and out of channels, utilizing a variety of devices to consume content and marketing messages – anytime and anywhere. As a result, customers naturally expect timely and coordinated experiences from their favorite brands. 

However, Old School – Played Out marketing platforms such as endless supply of forced ads, pop-ups, UN-wanted YouTube ads at the most inconvenient time and paywalls for example have previously forced brands to interact with customers from within individual channels, often times delivering disjointed and uncoordinated messages throughout their campaigns. This disconnect is not only confusing and frustrating to customers, it’s expensive and cumbersome for brands. 

My City Guide Digital Real Estate has the answer, we have changed advertising as we know it forever...

  • My City Guide Digital Real Estate provides a centralized location of data Germane to any topic, company, or industry searched. Our Properties appear on most major search engines in the “Organic Section” of the first page. Not to be confused with the paid section or PPC sections at the very top and side of the page.
  • My City Guide Digital Real Estate currently owns and operates thousands of Digital Real Estate Properties with Page one Exposure on most major search engines Worldwide for Digital Properties Germane to many industries with an emphasis on a Trusted – Local Flare.
  •  Digitally increase local brand awareness with GEO SPECIFIC videos emphasizing on a personable, human, local flavor.
  • Our network reaches millions of potential customers organically worldwide without the use of pop ups, forced ads, unwanted videos etc.
  • Our network provides our clients ads online 24/7, with a 99.9% Network Up Time, Free of charge for the end user and a set fee for advertiser.
  • Our network provides GEO Specific Digital Real Estate Properties (key words/phrases) that allows search engines to place Company(s) on and within the first page of most major search engines 24/7 everyday with no down time! My City Guide Digital Real Estate and the Client(s) will determine which properties are best for optimum success in any industry.
  • Develop & increase online brand awareness by creating specific networks Germane to the clients business needs with regards to GEO SPECIFIC demographics, targeting regions, income, population density, buying trends etc. 
  • My City Guide Digital Real Estate performs a Daily analysis of major competitors and implements new strategies as needed.)
  • My City Guide Digital Real Estate Owns & Operates thousand of properties Worldwide with up to 100,000+ on Google, Baidu, Bing, Duck Duck Go, WHEN & YAHOO.