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My City Guide Digital Real Estate Consultants

Whether you are a politician, high-profile business owner, Multi-national Corporation, Entertainer or individual, trust the experts to help you repair and maintain your valuable online reputation…

When you need to dominate the search results for YOUR NAME or BRAND NAME one of our Reputation Management packages will help!

Our highly effective PROVEN techniques and growing list of professional networks  & websites nationwide greatly improve your success in having a reclaimed good online reputation expeditiously when time is of the essence.

Today, you are defined by what appears on Google, Yahoo and Bing. In fact, hundreds of thousands of dollars are lost each day because of false, erroneous or misleading search engine results. Whether the negative listings are from a competitor, a court document, a news site, or a message board, the impact can be financially challenging at best and devastating at worst.

The good news is that – with very rare exception – My City Guide  Media Reputation Management Consultants can resolve your issues with a speed that comes from knowledge and proven experience. The engineering talent and experience that we maintain in-house is second to none in the areas of Reputation Repair and Reputation Management.

We know how important it is that you have a positive online reputation. Potential clients and business partners will want to learn as much as possible about you before sealing a deal and future employees will want to know they are in good hands with your organization. The first impression they receive of you and/or your company may be what they see in their Search Engine results.

The question is: will they like what they see?

We understand the online reputation problems you may face and we offer cost-effective results that contain long-term solutions. Our unique, time-tested Online Reputation Repair service – will help you get your name back under your ongoing control so that you can focus on running your business.

The goal of your Campaign is to create and/or strengthen an authoritative, positive image of you by helping you gain positive name recognition across a wide range of websites. Most Search Engine users only pay attention to the Top 10 ORGANIC results, which is what we focus on. We will work closely with you to come up with a strong, detailed plan to control the top pages in Google, Bing & Yahoo against the negative listings about you. We will analyze your situation closely and create a detailed but flexible plan for your Campaign.

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and One of our experts will directly contact you to discuss and analyze your situation. Once you are ready to finalize your contract, we will define your contract length, how many key phrases – names or word(s) you want to include, how many negative results are current out there online, and the monthly fee. There is no magic formula for success;

the particular Campaign plan we will propose will depend on several variables:

  • The number of key phrases – name or word(s) you need to include (based on what searchers are looking for)
  • The number and type of negative listings, for each key phrase – name or word(s), in the Top 20 Google search results at time of analysis
  • The number and type of relevant positive listings that exist, for each  key phrase – name or word(s) at time of analysis
  • Whether you own any Social Media sites/profiles at time of analysis

“Time is money,” especially when it comes to protecting your reputation and making great first impressions with potential business partners and clients. Contact us today to begin your Campaign and salvage the most important part of your business your reputation.

Listings that are potentially damaging to your online reputation hurt your credibility and will make you lose potential business every day, especially if these listings are for you or your company’s name.

If you “Googled” your name right now, what would you see?

Maybe a recently laid-off employee has some unfavorable opinions about your company’s management. Perhaps a competitor has secretly been targeting you in consumer review websites. Or maybe you are a high-profile individual with an unfortunate past legal incident that just won’t seem to go away.

High-ranking negative listings will become stronger over time and many of them are full of User-Generated Content submitted anonymously (and, therefore, protected from deletion). Depending on the type of potentially damaging listing, it could rise quickly in Search Engine Results and it is vital that you take quick action.

So how can you repair your online reputation and bring it back under your control?

Easy, contact My City Guide Multi Media Marketing Search Engine experts today.


Our special brand of Online Reputation Repair will help you suppress the negative listings that are hurting you and/or your company. We dominate the first pages of Search Engine Results against negative listings by introducing more authoritative positive listings, which will naturally outrank and push down the negative ones. Our Repair service will help you get your name back under your ongoing control so that you can focus on running your online business.

We know how to get the results you want and are constantly monitoring industry trends and shifts. Your Inoculation Campaigns will benefit from years of knowledge and experience, not trial-and-error guesswork. All work is checked for high quality and summarized in easy-to-read Monthly Reports.

We gear our SEO services toward high-profile businesses and individuals, though the same principles and techniques can be applied to organizations and persons with less “keyword competition.” Inoculation focuses on suppressing negative listings by surrounding them with positive, authoritative listings. Some of this content may already be established (your company Press Kit or positive customer testimonials), which we will gladly incorporate into your customized SEO Campaign.

We will dominate one or more key phrases by creating Micro-Sites, Blogs and various Social Media sites; we can also create and submit Press Releases and Syndicated Articles to our successful networks. We constantly check the progress of our work by analyzing Search Engine Rankings on website ALEXA for the key phrases we are focusing on and report the progress to you on a continual basis.

Repairing an online reputation takes continuous effort; the desired effect is a set of sustained results, not just quick fixes that lose traction once the contract terms have been fulfilled. Our SEO Campaign combines several proven, cutting-edge techniques that will keep your online reputation clean for years, not just weeks or days.

Whether you are a politician, high-profile business owner, Multi-national Corporation or a local not-for-profit organization, trust the experts to help you repair and maintain your valuable online reputation

Begin by Examining Keywords

If an online reputational tragedy befalls you or a friend, the first step in the repair strategy should always entail keyword selection. You don’t want to continue optimizing the same keywords that are used for existing marketing purposes. Different keywords come into play in this case. Since it is likely the negative press is showing up when consumers search under your brand name or product name, you will want to focus your SEO efforts on those specific keywords. The goal is to drive brand-friendly hits up in the SERPs, while pushing the negative press down.

You do this by creating more good press and optimizing around those selected keywords. Links embedded within press releases will give sites a ranking boost while the news is fresh and the press release is at the top of the newswire. When you’re embedding the links, don’t just hyperlink your corporate domain every time. Instead, ask yourself, “Which links are most important to our situation at this time?”

Experiment with different hyperlinks to different sub-domains, and measure the results to determine which ones will drive your news up the ranks. Always make sure that links are embedded on top of, or near your brand name.

Banish Negative Press through Link Building

The second step is link building. After all, if the negative press elbowed its way to the top of the SERPs through link building, you can do the same with positive press. It is an SEO ace in the hole, and it should be a major part of any SEO strategy. To counteract the negative press, build links to optimize brand and product names.

Think outside your corporate domain. Sub-domains, including news sites, corporate blogs and other pages outside your website, can be key SEO weapons in your arsenal as they take up more shelf space in the SERPs. Optimize these through link building, and make it a practice to ensure that the content on these sites is constantly updated and is as fresh as possible.

Lastly, go directly to the source of the negative press and request they also include rebuttal links. Ideally, they will publish an additional link on that post or page to your response (on your site) to the issue in question, so that your positive messages are given more plat-form.

When it comes to the Internet, information is a constantly flowing stream, and it flows fast. The only real news is what’s up at the top of the search page, so use something that you know works to manage, control and shape those messages that you care about. SEO has a pivotal role in reputation management, as it can remove negatives and enhance positives on the first page of results, which is usually the only page that matters.

According to Google, 89 percent of all consumer research begins online. This makes it very important for you to control the information consumers see at the top of the search engine results. If your website gets outranked by negative information on the search engines that may be all prospects ever learn about you.

Fortunately, the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies you employ for increasing your website’s visibility will also help protect your reputation online. Once you have that structure in place, reputation management is a matter of monitoring the Internet and responding quickly to address complaints before they escalate.

Be Responsive

Reputation crises occur when conflicts are taken to the public sector and then tools of mass distribution blow matters all out of proportion. Search engines have no way to evaluate the truth or value of a piece of information, they simply look at inbound links and other popularity cues to decide what searchers might want to find. Therefore, if something unfavorable gets a lot of publicity, views, and links, it can become a top result for some searches.

If you or your company does not establish its SEO reputation defense strategy to manage the top results associated with its brand, these unflattering results may continue to tarnish your brand for years to come.

However, before worrying about the SEO, you must have a plan for resolving customer complaints. The best SEO in the world is just sand against a tide if you are not providing good customer service. Set up a system for handling complaints and then make sure that everyone in your organization understands where customers should be directed for conflict resolution.

In addition, your website should have a phone number customers can call to speak with a company representative directly. It is better to resolve things with a conversation than an email or a public posting.

Your conflict resolution staff should strive to resolve customer issues to the customers’ satisfaction. Delivering great customer service will on occasion mean you reward the squeaky wheel for being squeaky. Sometimes, it makes more sense to soothe someone who is annoyed, by giving them a discount or a refund, rather than risk bad reviews. Besides, going above and beyond for your customer is the kind of behavior most likely to elicit positive reviews.


SEO Reputation Plan

As with any SEO plan you will want to begin with a solid SEO structure on yours and our website that is easily updated. Joomla and WordPress are two content management systems we recommend to our clients to ensure they have the tools they need to respond with fresh SEO content on short notice.

1. Display a phone number on your website that customers can call for customer assistance if needed.

2. Fill your site with foundational SEO content related to your keywords and the questions prospects and customers are likely to ask. Do not worry about posting redundant content if you can keep it original and interesting. Each new explanation you offer for similar questions will contain new long-tail phrases that should rank well in the search engines.

3. Use your blog to encourage customers to interact with your brand. Some who will not call will leave a comment instead if they see you respond to comments on your blog. An engaged blog audience will help your website SEO as well, and some of your readers may someday come to your defense against unfair accusations.

4. Consider negative phrases that might be searched with your brand and target those phrases in posts that portray your company in a neutral or positive light.

In addition to these on-page SEO tactics, there are several off-page opportunities for improving your results in the search engines. A steady stream of weekly press releases and guest posts placed on quality blogs will create inbound links that improve your website’s ranking in the search engines.

Social Media Profiles

Another off-page strategy for protecting your reputation in the search engines is to create engaged social media streams. These can become powerful for amplifying your voice when your brand’s reputation needs to be defended in the public arena. At the very least, you should create profiles on the top social media sites and respond to any direct comments or questions you receive. From there, it is up to you how engaged you would like to become with your social media streams. If you are publishing fresh content each week, then you should experiment with a mix of status updates that include promotional tweets to increase the views your posts and articles receive.

Obviously, the better you are able to refine social media promotion for your audience, the more traffic you will send to your site. This will expose you to more inbound link opportunities and make you even more visible in the search engines.

Review Site Profiles

In addition to social media platforms, there are also Yelp, Angie’s List, and many other review sites where dissatisfied customers may go to voice a complaint. A good reputation management plan includes profiles on these sites as well, so you can attract these conversations to your company and resolve problems quickly and efficiently. You may not be able to eliminate all the bad reviews, but if you can prove your company is responsive, you will reassure prospects about your commitment to quality and customer service. Make sure you are familiar with rules on each review site so you can ask for inappropriate postings to be removed.

Monitoring Is Key

Reputation Management requires you monitor your reputation on search engines, social media networks, and review sites so you can get in front of any issues before they get out of hand. Google Alerts used to be the standard in reputation monitoring, but this is no longer the case as the number of potential results continues to skyrocket. Many online managers are reporting that many links are not showing up in their Google Alerts. We have a more sophisticated system of alerts that enables our clients to respond quickly when negative feedback appears online whether on websites or social media updates.

Emergency Response

When a reputation crisis occurs online, you have to move quickly to minimize the damage. Fortunately, if you are committed to customer satisfaction and have a good SEO strategy in place, you should be able to keep a lid on all but the worst negative publicity.

1. Try to engage the unhappy party on the telephone to resolve the conflict. Offer your phone number at the source of the complaint and encourage the call. Do not engage in defensive arguments in writing. Do not attract traffic and attention to the negative information.

2. Listen to the complaint, acknowledge the customer’s issue, and find out what it would take to please the customer at this point. Often it will be more graceful to accept responsibility, make restitution, and move on than to engage in a public dispute that tarnishes your brand.

3. Examine the terms of service, terms of use, or comment policy on the site where any negative information appears to determine whether it violates the website’s posted policies. If so, you should ask the website to remove the information.

4. Push fresh content both on and off your site. This is where it becomes very important that you have a good content management system in place on your website. You can quickly publish fresh content targeting keywords associated with the complaint, so that anyone searching these terms finds your story first. Of course, you also want to leverage press releases and guest blogging to extend your reach on other domains.

5. Rally your troops to your defense. If you have a social media following or large blog audience, you can encourage them to talk about their experiences with your company and your products. An engaged customer base may create enough positive buzz to override any negative information.

Be Response-able

Obviously, SEO reputation management is not a strategy best left to the last minute. Here at Optimum7 we offer reputation maintenance plans to keep brands like yours from getting in major trouble in the first place. We start by helping you build the SEO structure that allows you to dominate the rankings for your brand. With the right design and a plan for content creation, you will build a foundation that will challenge any bad news that tries to outrank your content. Next, we will show you how to present your company professionally on the top social media and review sites, so you are better situated to spot and control conversation about your brand. You will then be able to use social media to share links to content you want to promote in the search engines.

Finally, our custom alerts system will notify you when content related to your company, brand, and personal name is posted, so you are able to respond in a timely manner. With a strategy and monitoring system in place, you can rest assured that your reputation is protected and you have the tools you will need should you ever be threatened by bad news that goes viral…

“What happens once my Campaign is over?” You may think that, once the contract terms end, our job is done. While it is true that the assets we create for you will continue to rank well, it is important to keep the momentum going. While it should no longer be necessary to work as intensely as before, it will still be necessary to occasionally and consistently update these pages so that Search Engines continue to place importance on them. You can choose to take full control of the assets we create for you or continue working with us on a less intensive level.

The high-ranking assets that you will have at the conclusion of your Campaign can be assimilated into your own online Public Relations/Marketing processes. These assets, in addition to helping repair your online reputation, will have the added advantage of capturing your target audience! Your clients, critics, business partners and employees-whether former, current or future-can be assured of your reputation and directed to information that is relevant to them. We will help you leverage the assets we create in order to maximize their effectiveness in capturing potential new clients and business.

It will also be important to manage your reputation by monitoring the internet buzz about you. We can show you how to easily do this so that you can take matters into your own hand. Online Reputation Management (ORM) is an important key to improving your company’s customer service and/or your public image. This practice may consist of something as simple as keeping track of your key phrases’ rankings or subscribing to RSS Feeds and downloading ORM software.

Managing your reputation is the more proactive approach while reputation repair is reactive. If a negative listing from before rears its ugly head again or someone starts attacking you again, we can quickly pick up right where we left off. Over time, managing and controlling your reputation should become easier and easier.

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Understanding Reputation Management Cost

Reputation management cost depends on the degree of difficulty of the project. Each project is different, but reputation management prices fit into one of several categories. The existence and strength of one or more negative search results is the main indicator of cost. A successful reputation management project may consist of development of hiqh-quality web properties, social media, well-written content that people find useful, search engine optimization including earned links, and more. Many resources go into the price calculations of a reputation management campaign.

According to Forbes, a good national Reputation management – SEO campaign will cost $2000 to over $10,000 per month, and that’s for only one site or individual. Reputation management prices are based on not only creating and optimizing web content, but moving multiple sites up. Keep that in mind as we get the pricing below.

info from Forbes     9/12/2013        

Reputation Management Prices from our competitor Reputation

  • “Less Difficult: If the first pages of search results have relatively low page / domain authority the cost and time necessary to achieve results is low, usually about $1250 per month for a limited number of months (3-6). Results continue to change over time, with a few considerations, you can direct Internet Reputation Management to stop when you are happy with results.
  • Challenging: Projects in the mid-range of difficulty range in cost from $2000 – $3000 per month.
  • More Challenging: More challenging projects often need investments of about $5000 or more per month.
  • Highly Challenging: Highly challenging projects take longer, and consume more resources. These projects are often $5000 to over $10,000 per month for a limited number of months (6-12 months).
  • Highly Challenging: Reputation X does not take ultra-challenging online reputation management projects. We only take projects we have a very good chance of solving.”

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packages available from $500 – $249,899 monthly